"There are no words to describe how amazing Alena and the rest of us meeting Katy Perry was Monday night!!! We were treated like gold backstage by Katy Perry’s crew and when she arrived, also by her. She brought Alena a present - a Hello Kitty Pez dispenser that she said she bought for her in Banff. Alena had a card and t-shirt to give to her. Katy signed a few things for Alena and two each for us. I cannot believe we got to spend almost a half hour with her, they made it so we went last and she would get more time. She asked Alena to introduce her family and we all had a visit and chatted…then she was late for her own show dancing and singing with Alena after she asked her if she could dance for her!! Once on stage, she said "Hi Alena" and blew her a kiss from under the balloons as she floated above stage after she spotted us. A very personable celebrity, and very down to earth. Remarkable experience!! Thank you Make-A-Wish!!!!" (x)

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"When I do these interviews, a lot of these clips people pull out are like, ‘Katy Perry doesn’t want a man to have babies. I’m like, ‘I didn’t say that. I just said, I’m good.’ Why am I a baby machine? Why can’t I be a mogul? I want to have a baby, sure, but I want to have a career. I want to have a record label. I want to have an incredible tour. So I’m going to have all of those things. Let’s talk about that. It’s like, get out of my ovaries, okay? I’ll do it in time." — Katy Perry for Harper’s BAZAAR - October/2014 (via iheartkatyperry)

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This Is How We Do (Behind The Scenes) - Katy Perry

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This Is How We Do (Behind The Scenes)

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Sometimes it feels weird being a child in this adult body.

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